About Us

“Do the best” is the motto of Hair Saloon 99 – Institute of professional hair care from Singapore. With more than 10 years in Vietnam, Hair Saloon 99 has become a beauty brand trusted by customers. Therefore, we have been developing to bring the most satisfaction to you.

Artisans are technically trained and professional with many levels, suitable for all sexes and all ages.
The spirit of love for the job, the desire to learn, always updated new trends, flexibility in changing to fit the Vietnamese.
Modern equipment with the most advanced technology, always ready to serve customers.
Use advanced beauty care products and ensure health safety.
The consultant is dedicated, free both online and offline
Hair Saloon 99 is the perfect choice for your beauty needs. We carry the mission to complete your beauty, help you confident, stand out and happy for your appearance. Touch the top beauty from your soul.